Friday, August 3, 2018

Review: The Three Hares by Geoffrey Simpson

A thrilling adventure

Know a middle grade reader with a thirst for adventure? Then this is the book for them. Packed with intrigue, The Three Hares takes readers along on a dangerous summer journey with two best friends, Ethan and Jacob. Obsessed with survival and treasure maps, these two boys have created their own adventures for countless years. But this summer, their adventures become real with life-changing consequences.

In a tale of secret societies, government corruption, and hidden family legends, the two boys along with the new girl next door discover a grand destiny - to challenge the dark forces threatening the innocent and to protect the people of their community.


The Three Hares is a coming of age story rich with meaningful themes including friendship, family history, grief, and protecting the weak. It focuses on honor and integrity in the face of tragedy and trials.

Reading Level

This book is definitely upper middle grade, maybe even edging into YA. It contains some language and tackles grown-up issues including political corruption, mental illness, kidnapping, and murder. 

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Geoffrey Simpson is the author of the young adult adventure / mystery novel, The Three Hares: Bloodline. He specializes in nature-themed, puzzle-solving stories driven by a pulsating grip of good versus evil. The Three Hares is his debut novel, and is the first of a five-book series.

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