Friday, May 14, 2021

12 Great Resources for Writing (and Selling!) Middle Grade Fiction

Today's post features a blogroll of fabulous resources for middle grade writers. I've included a few notes, but be sure to click on those you links you want to dig into a little deeper!

Basics of Middle Grade

Middle Grade Novel Structure - Identifying the middle grade target audience and more!
Developing a compelling Middle Grade Fiction Premise - Remember what it was like to be 12 :)
3 Key Components of Middle Grade Novels - Characters on a mission, facing challenges, and growing!

Middle Grade Character Development

21 Characteristics of a Perfect Middle Grade Protagonist - Evokes sympathy, has a strong motivation, is complex....the list goes on!
Tropes & Tips for Middle Grade Fiction Writers: Great resource for ideas and for avoiding cliches.

Marketing Middle Grade Books

How to Learn the Market for Middle Grade Fiction - Read relevant middle grade literature, engage in complexity, make room for diversity, and remember what kids are reading for.

Darn Good Writing Advice

Dramatic Arc Archives from Kidlit - This website is chock-full of information, useful for any writer, but specifically targeting middle grade authors.

Happy Writing!