Friday, March 11, 2022

Review: The Nightmare Brigade, Vol. 1 by Franck Thilliez, Yomgui Dumont

The Nightmare Brigade is SUCH a cool book.

I love a good graphic novel and this one is GOOD, filled with twists and turns and lots of creepy and funny bits to keep the reader engaged. 



The Nightmare Brigade is a dream team lead by Professor Angus. With his two young sidekicks, 14-year-olds Esteban and Tristan, they have one goal: help people vanquish their worst nightmares. With unique skills, the team members can literally infiltrate their patient's nightmare to seek its root and destroy the cause. Things are shaken up however, when they meet young Sarah. The Brigade has a feeling they have seen her before... Before they solve the mystery, an insomniac starts invading other people's dreams. How does he do it and how can he be stopped?

About the Author and Illustrator:

Frank Thilliez is the author of fifteen crime novels, and a screenwriter. 

Yomgui Dumont's worked in cartoons, multimedia, advertising, and the press, and has published more than twenty graphic novels and teen novels.

The book was released first in France and was very successful.

My thoughts:

As I said, this one is good. Esteban and Tristan are likeable characters who derive a lot of satisfaction from helping others. At school they may be bullied, but in the dream world, they're able to be heroes, which is a really interesting premise.

I also liked that Esteban is in a wheelchair in real life and how that plays into the choices he makes and how he behaves in the dreams.

As for Professor Angus, let's just say this: the guy is super mysterious, and readers are often left wondering about his (and other characters') motives, which makes this a great mystery.

And given that this is the first book in the series — Part Two Releases in June — the author leaves us with a real cliffhanger, which I love.

Kids and adults alike are going to eat this up, and there is lots of room here for MANY stories.

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