Friday, January 8, 2016

We Want You... To Join Middle Grade Minded

Do you write Middle Grade literature?
Do you like to share writing knowledge and experiences?
Do you like interviewing others?
Do you like reviewing Middle Grade books?
Do you like blogging?
Would you be willing to write one blog post a month?
If you answered yes to most if not all of those questions then you might be the perfect addition to the Middle Grade Minded team!
We are currently looking for additional bloggers to write posts on writing craft and experiences, review middle grade literature, and/or perform interviews with agents, authors, editors, teachers, and even middle grade readers. If you are interested in joining the team please answer the questions below and send them to with the subject line "I want to blog for Middle Grade Minded"

1.) Tell us about you! What do you write? How long have you been writing? Have you had anything published? etc. Just a short bio of relevant information.

2.) Why do you want to blog for Middle Grade Minded? 

3.) What kinds of things would you most like to blog about?

4.) Do you currently have a personal blog? If so please link us to it.

5.) What social media platforms are you on? Please include handles or links.

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Please submit your application by Thursday January 14th to be considered. Thank you!


K. L. Hallam said...

Oh, wow. This sounds like an amazing opportunity. Wish I had time. I'll spread the word. :)

Avery Hurt said...

Sorry I missed this--but I'll follow you on Twitter and check back here often.