Thursday, April 16, 2015

What if "he" were a "she"?

Sometimes tropes are tropes for a reason. They work. Who doesn’t love an ugly duckling story? A damsel in distressed saved by prince charming? They’re some of the most classic stories out there (and haven’t we heard that there’s “nothing new under the sun”?) 

But sometimes they’re just stale. Done before. 

That’s when tropes become stereotypes. 

Sometimes the way to come up with a cool new story is just twisting around a trope and making it new. How about switching he for she? (or the other way around.)
Why does the prince always have to save the princess? Why is it always a girl getting the makeover to win over the cute boy? Why is it always the boy who’s from the “wrong side of the tracks”. What would happen to these classic stories if we switched them around?

Normal girl who loves a “monster”