Monday, June 8, 2020

Review of Slug Queen Chronicles by S. O. Thomas


Cricket could always see colors around objects, but she always thought it meant there was something wrong with her. Until her birthday when Cricket's Dad gave her mother's journal to her as a gift. From the journal, she discovered that her mother saw the colors too, meaning Cricket wasn't as odd as everyone thought. But when the colors she saw started indicating bad and strange things, she knew something was wrong. And after a creature replaces her baby brother with aslumgwump, things really started to get out of hand. When no one else seemed to notice the difference and Cricket was blamed for the strange happenings, she made it her mission to put things back the way they were. Cricket must find her brother and return him before everyone she loves, including her parents and her best friend, turns against her and her baby brother is gone forever.

The Slug Queen Chronicles was a great imaginative story with inventive ideas. While it was a little heavy on details at times, Cricket is a fun and inquisitive main character. I would have loved to have seen Cricket encounter more difficult challenges, but she asks lots of questions that the reader is asking right along with her. The world Cricket enters to rescue her brother, takes things from the known world and flips them sideways that gives the book a similar feel to Alice and Wonderland. And the illustrations at the start of every chapter are a lot of fun. I would recommend for readers looking to escape to an imaginative world.

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