Friday, September 20, 2019

Why Middle Grade?

The middle grade years – the time of life when your body revolts, your friends get weird, and your parents stop being the all-knowing beings you thought they were.  The middle grade years are tough to navigate and sometimes they down right suck. But middle grade is also a time of wonder, a time when the world starts to expand beyond the nuclear family and there are glimpses of future adventures and a testing of independence.

Middle grade is the audience I love.

Middle graders are reading to learn about the world around them and figure out their place in it. Reading allows them to experience cultures and situations that are vastly different from their everyday lives. It also helps them deal with problems in their own lives by reading about how others have handled similar adversity. Middle grade books allow kids to explore and grow and to confront scary subjects from the safety of their classroom.

Writing for middle grade is important.

As an author I want to connect with both middle grade readers and the adults in their lives. I love the librarians, teachers, and parents who seek to guide and love these kids. I want to write books that these adults will urge the children to read. I want to write books that kids will want to steal from the library. (And then feel guilty enough to return the book…)

Middle grade readers are special.

It is important to connect with kids in middle grade. This is the time when life-long readers are born. Connecting with middle graders and drawing them into the world of books and stories is critical. Giving them stories that challenge, educate, entertain, and create wonder is work that is worth doing. That is why - 

I am a middle grade writer

Why do you love middle grade? Please let me know - I want to engage with others who love this age group.

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Mirka Breen said...

I just posted on my blog why I write what I write... We write what we love to read, at least I do.