Friday, September 27, 2019

25 Writing Prompts for Middle Grade Readers

It can be tough persuading young people to write. Most would rather play video games, surf social media (even if they’re “officially” too young), watch netflix, or snap selfies. Yet writing is an essential skill that translates into increased knowledge and understanding of the world, better, more secure jobs, and higher income. When people write, they also improve their ability to think, to articulate their beliefs, needs, and goals. 

But simply telling middle grade kids how important writing is won’t get them writing. You’ll need a bit more persistence (require them to write 😏), motivation (bribes…ahem, rewards…are always welcome), and inspiration (writing prompts!). Here's a few themed prompts to stir up those creative juices. Use them for flash fiction, stories, poetry, or even journal entries.


  • When the leaves start changing colors, so do you.
  • Why does your family pick pumpkins at midnight, under a full moon?
  • Only one person showed up to your Halloween party, and it's a ghost.
  • Your parents make you wear a weird Halloween costume.
  • When you make Halloween cookies, they come to life - are they friends or foes?
  • Your school field trip to an apple orchard takes an unexpected turn.
  • What happens when your school lunch tries to eat you?
  • Write ten things you are grateful for and ten ways you could make life better. 

 Travel Tales

  • Your family moves to a foreign country where you don't speak the language.
  • You take a trip to Disneyland and end up in a movie.
  • Your train trip is hijacked by circus performers.
  • You swim in the ocean for the first time and find . . . 
  • You take a hot air balloon ride with 3 strangers.
  • What happens when you go ziplining in the jungle?
  • When you go down a covered slide, you come out somewhere you've never been before.
  • You learn to fly a rescue helicopter and save....who?

Animal Antics 

  • A dragon moves into your bedroom.
  • You bring a mouse to school in your backpack.
  • Your neighbor gets a pet monkey.
  • Lizards invade your classroom.
  • A frog offers you three wishes.
  • Your pet goldfish teaches you how to breathe underwater.
  • Your neighbor's cows end up in your back yard.
  • You bring a pig to school for pet day.
  • A stray dog has puppies in the crawlspace under your house, but you're not allowed to have pets.
And if that's not enough, here's a few resources for even more prompts!
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Enjoy all the new stories your middle graders write!


Amanda Hoving said...

As a teacher, it's always nice to have a list of prompts in your back pocket. Thanks for sharing these!

R. H. Roberts said...

You bet! Glad you enjoyed them.