Monday, October 23, 2017

Molly In The Middle ARC Giveaway

Middle grade author Ronni Arno’s MOLLY IN THE MIDDLE is a story about family changes, fitting in, and figuring out what’s more important—cementing your place with the “cool kids” at school or honoring a promise to a longtime friend. Here are my top five reasons to read this heartwarming middle grade:
1. Molly: She’s a loyal friend to Kellan, who faces a potential future in a wheelchair due to his muscular dystrophy. Molly can confide everything to Kellan, including details about her parents’ messy separation and her longing to stand out and feel less invisible.

2. Team Chocolate Chip Cookies: The name for Kellan’s Muscular Dystrophy Walk team, which includes best buddies Kellan and Molly, who train by walking, talking, and eating tons of cookies.

3. Rainbow-Colored Hair and Rainbow-Colored Converse: After her parents forget to take her to school and she misses the class field trip, Molly decides it’s time to finally take the spotlight.

4. A Country Club Birthday Bash Brunch: When Molly joins the popular crowd, she’s invited to an exclusive birthday brunch, complete with cinnamon-stuffed French toast, four-berry pancakes, eggs Benedict, breakfast burritos, vegetable frittata, quiche, apple pie waffles, and chocolate-banana smoothies.

5. Waterproof Mascara That Doesn’t Stand a Chance of Working: Molly discovers what we all know to be true: Even waterproof makeup smears when you realize you let down your very best friend.

For a chance to win an ARC of MOLLY IN THE MIDDLE, leave your email in the comments section below. A winner will be drawn at random.


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So many great themes running though this story. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy.