Monday, May 6, 2019

Caterpillar Summer

Top Five Reasons To Read Caterpillar Summer, by Gillian McDunn: 

1. A main character named Cat who loves and protects her younger brother Chicken when they end up spending three weeks of their summer with grandparents they’ve never met. 

2. Cat’s mom, because she is a children’s writer!!! 

3. Cat’s grandparents, especially Macon, her grandpa. At first, he seems cold and uncaring, but there are reasons behind his actions. Like all well-rounded characters, he grows and changes through the story.

4. The setting: Gingerbread Island, NC. Think sand, surf, and sea turtles. Made me want to escape to the beach! 

5. A fun fishing contest where Cat aims to win the top prize and reunite her mom with her grandpa. 

This book is perfect for readers who love emotionally resonant family stories. I highly recommend this feel-good summer story about Cat, her brother Chicken, and the summer they will never forget.

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