Monday, May 21, 2018

Postcards From Venice, by Dee Romito

Top Ten Reasons To Read Postcards From Venice:

1. The postcard-perfect setting: Venice, Italy 

2. Skyler, the main character, who takes on a cool writing internship to blog about the city. 

3. Logan, a cute Australian intern 

4. Gelato (Yum!)

5. Gondola rides 

6. Pizza by the slice 

7. A seriously cool day trip to Verona to see Juliet’s balcony from Romeo and Juliet 

8. A ghost tour of a cursed Venetian house 

9. A mother and daughter cooking class, including make-your-own pasta and chocolate mousse 

10. Skyler’s postcards to her BFF, and her attempt to stay connected to what matters most

Postcards From Venice is on sale 5/29/2018.

Dee Romito is the author of The BFF Bucket List and No Place Like Home, as well as the coauthor of Best. Night. Ever.

Visit her website at

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