Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Cover Reveal: Emily Out of Focus, by Miriam Spitzer Franklin

Twelve-year-old Emily is flying with her parents to China to adopt and bring home a new baby sister. She’s excited but nervous to travel across the world and very aware that this trip will change her entire life. And the cracks are already starting to show the moment they reach the hotel—her parents are all about the new baby and have no interest in exploring.

In the adoption trip group, Emily meets Katherine, a Chinese-American girl whose family has returned to China to adopt a second child. The girls eventually become friends and Katherine reveals a secret: she’s determined to find her birth mother, and she wants Emily’s help.

New country, new family, new responsibilities—it’s all a lot to handle, and Emily has never felt more alone.

From the author of Extraordinary and Call Me Sunflower, Emily Out of Focus is a warm and winning exploration of the complexity of family, friendship, and identity that readers will love.

Release Date: February, 2019
Publisher: Skypony Press

And now for the beautiful cover:

Miriam Spitzer Franklin has been sharing her love of reading and writing with her students for years as an elementary and middle school language arts teacher. She lives with her husband, two daughters- one who was adopted from China- and two pampered cats in Charlotte, NC. Emily Out of Focus is her third middle grade novel. 

Twitter: @miriam_spitzer



Evelyn said...

Congratulations, Miriam!! The cover is terrific and the story sounds heartwarming and adventuresome. Thank you for sharing with us.

@mgbookjunkie said...

Wow, this book sounds wonderful! As a girl who was always searching for her birth father, I love reading about kids in the position I once shared. Can’t wait for this one! Congratulations!
Kristin (@mgbookjunkie)