Sunday, November 19, 2017

Inspiring Talks for Writers

Every writer needs a pep talk once in a while, and so I recently compiled a list of the talks that I've found most helpful as a writer.

First up, "Why Your Critics Aren't the Ones Who Count" by Brené Brown. She reminds us that as creative people the one constant we can always count on are the critics. We can respond to them by giving up and getting out of the arena, or by saving them a seat.

Next, "Success, Failure and the Drive to Keep Creating" by Elizabeth Gilbert. She discusses how success can be just as unsettling as failure, and how to find the drive to keep creating regardless of the outcome.

Finally, Eduardo Briceño shares his insight on "How to Get Better at the Things You Care About." As professional writers, we tend to spend most of our time in the 'performance zone,' where we face deadlines and constant high stakes. However, in order to improve our craft, we need to carve out time for the 'learning zone,' where we study and experiment without any real risks.

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