Friday, September 5, 2014

Meet our New Bloggers!

Middle Grade Minded is growing! Meet our brand new bloggers!

Lara Chapman
Lara Chapman lives with her family in Central Texas, where she teaches high school English. She reads and writes daily and is rarely—if ever—found without her laptop and iPhone. Lara has a lifelong love affair with animals, especially daschunds, and always has an animal or two snuggled close when writing.

Lara is represented by the 100% magnificent Holly Root of Waxman Literary Agency. She is the author of FLAWLESS (YA) and her middle grade novel THE XYZs OF BEING WICKED released in July 2014. It's sequel, ACCIDENTALLY EVIL releases April 2015.

Follow Lara on Twitter (@LaraChapman) and be sure to visit her website.

Dan Gemeinhart
Dan Gemeinhart lives, breathes and sometimes eats middle grade lit, meaning that to adults he's kind of weird and to kids he's...well, kind of weird, but kinda fun, too. He lives with his lovely wife and three young daughters in a small town in the mountains of central Washington State. He serves on a state middle grade award committee, works as a K-5 teacher librarian, and writes middle grade books of his own. His debut middle grade novel, THE HONEST TRUTH, comes out from Scholastic Press in January 2015.

You can follow him on Twitter (@dangemeinhart), Instagram, or Facebook. His website bears the strikingly original URL of If you lived closer he'd buy you a drink.

Tom Mulroy
Tom has been an elementary teacher for about half of his life and a writer for even longer. When he isn't doing something related to school or writing, you'd probably find him listening to music, reading, watching movies or playing video games, which makes him about the same person he was at fourteen years old.

He lives in the suburban sprawl surrounding tropical Minneapolis, Minnesota. He thinks potatoes are hilarious, and his sense of humor is so dry that even he can't tell when he's being sarcastic.

Tom is represented by Carrie Howland of Donadio & Olson, Inc. Follow Tom on Twitter (@Tomulroy424) and be sure to visit his blog.

Jason A. Rust
Jason first realized he wanted to be a writer way back in Mrs. Rollin’s 3rd grade English class, when he would scribble fantastic adventure stories instead of paying attention to the class discussion of Flowers for Algernon. Somewhere along the way, though, he found out that writers mostly make peanuts and survive on weak coffee, imagination, bird seed, and disappointment. So he became a different type of writer for a living, the kind that writes source code for software. Middle age, though, found him once again dreaming up new worlds and needing to tell their stories. He’s been back to scribbling ever since.

A lifelong resident of Northern KY (just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati), when he’s not writing software now, he’s working on the latest fantastic adventure story to take root in his head. In between doing that, he endeavors not to make his wife too crazy or ruin his four children before they can reach the safety of adulthood.

Jason is represented by Danielle Smith at Red Fox Literary.

Follow him on Twitter (@jasonarust) and check out his blog, Puddintopia.


cleemckenzie said...

The Middle Graders need you guys!

Middle Grade Minded said...

Yes! They are an awesome group! We are so excited they joined us!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the new members! They all sound like fantastic writers!

Yanting Gueh said...

Good to meet new MG bloggers! And yea, that bit on weak coffee is especially true.