Friday, November 17, 2017

More books!!

I don’t read much while I’m drafting a new novel. I do consider reading a very necessary (and most excellent) part of the writing gig, but I’m more write-a-bunch, read-a-bunch, repeat. But all the good books! They call to me. And so, as I edge closer to the terrifying moment of clicking send on this manuscript, I’m antsy to get back to reading.

I’ve indulged in a little reading time lately, of course, despite the looming deadline (because how could I not?)

  • Recent read: WISHTREE, by Katherine Applegate. WISHTREE is narrated by a tree. Now, I’m not a huge fan of non-human narrators, to say the least, but I figured, if anyone can pull this off, it’s Katherine Applegate. I’m so glad I gave this book a chance. Funny, poignant, insightful. I give this 5/5 stars.
  • Currently reading: THE WAY TO BEA, by Kat Yeh. I’m not very far in yet, but I’m loving the voice and story so far!
  • Currently listening to: TURTLES ALL THE WAY DOWN, by John Green. I’m not completely in love with the narration, but still, it has me hooked. Loving the characters!
  • Next on my pile: SERENDIPITY AND ME, by Judith L. Roth, and THE BONE SPARROW, by Zana Fraillon.

My TBR pile is impossibly huge (and yet, I keep adding more…go figure). I wouldn’t mind some help prioritizing, so tell me, what have you read and loved lately? I’d especially love to hear about any middle-grade that’s particularly heartfelt/poignant, verse novels of all sorts, and lyrical historical novels. Hit me with your recommendations! As soon as I send this draft off to my editor, I’m diving in to reading!


  1. I sooo love reading, too. Sometimes it's just the thing to spark a new writing idea! Thanks for the great post.

  2. Like you, I stay away form real reading while doing my own first-drafting. Then I get my prize: I get to start reading again...
    I'll check Applegate's book. She did an interesting job with Ivan the gorilla. But the inner voice of a tree is manyfold more farfetched. You got me curious.

  3. Both Wishtree and turtles are waiting to be read. And my TBR pile is off the chain, too!

  4. Loved Wishtree and The Way To Bea. So many great books!