Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Book Review: INKY'S GREAT ESCAPE by Author Casey Lyall

We don't often review picture books here at Middle Grade Minded, but when middle grade author Casey Lyall decided to write about a roving octopus, well, we had to check it out!

About the Book:

First of all, you have to adore a book that starts with the line:

Inky was the greatest escape octopus of all time.

And make no mistake: Inky is lovable, even if he does have eight arms.

He loves to play crazy eights and charades.

He's an incorrigible tale teller.

But when he's finally called on one of his tall tales, that he can escape anything, Inky has to prove his abilities and defend his honour.

My Review

This is a charming book. The story is witty and sweet and has you rooting for the book's eight-legged intrepid hero.

The illustrations by SebastiĆ  Serra are colourful and hysterical.

Best of all, there is a real old-time charm to both the fonts and the pictures. 

The book is mesmerizing and delightful. A wonderful book for a any child, but especially one drawn to marine animals!

When Inky escapes again, I hope he comes to my house!

There is a rumour that Inky is about to escape again. On November 15th (today!) check out #InkysGreatEscape and see where's off to now!