Friday, January 6, 2017

Share a Writing Link and Enter to Win a Query Critique!

There are so many wonderful writing links that have helped me on my writing journey. How about you guys? Do you have a collection of links you still refer to from time to time? Some you’ve just discovered?

For this post, I’d like kick off 2017 by offering a query critique to one commenter in exchange for sharing a link that has helped you along the way. 

You never know whose world you might enlighten with one of those links!

If you'd like to be entered for the query critique, please leave your email address after the link(s). I’ll choose a winner by Friday, January 20th (links are still welcomed any time after that! Share as many as you like!).

I’ll start with just a few of my favs (I even dug out some from the Middle Grade Minded archives). Hope they come in handy!

Best to all my fellow writers in 2017!

Thanks for sharing!

Secondary Characters-Get a side kick:

CP Stuff:

Filter Words:

Having Fun with MG:

Show vs. Tell:

On Queries:

Need a Scrivener Expert? More MG Blog Links and Interviews?

Agent Wish Lists:

Other Awesome Blog Resources:


Unknown said...

Choosing one source is tough, but here it is:
This site continues to refine itself and the sources are excellent. Planners, character interviews, emotional thersaurus - it's all here. Writers Helping Writers is a must for your bookmarks! It's one of the first sites I started using, and I go back to it often.

Laura Rueckert said...

Great list! Here are some I use a lot.

This is the best advice I've every found for writing a one page synopsis:

And I love this method of creating your character:

Writing the Other: Learn to write characters very different from you sensitively and convincingly

Writing With Color: a blog dedicated to writing and resources centered on racial & ethnic diversity.

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing this excellent resource!

Two Writing Teachers is a group of educators who blog about getting students to write. There is also a strong philosophy based in all of their posts that teachers that write are better teachers of writing. Also, mentor texts are another focus.

Teachers and school librarians put books into students' hands. As writers, it is a great idea to connect with educators on social media and to have a pulse on how our writing may one day be utilized in the classroom as a mentor text. Plus, an author may get a better idea of what young children might appreciate in a school visit.

One more thing...Every Tuesday and for the whole month of March, TWT hosts the Slice of Life challenge. Stacey Schubitz, the leader of TWT, gives prizes for participants of the March challenge. It would be a wonderful prize to receive MG books!

Unknown said...

Adding the last two to my bookmark list now. Thanks!

R. H. Roberts said...

Thanks for the great list. I've used and loved several of those sites over the course of my writing.

Here's a list of successful queries (with links) that I've found quite useful.

I also love Grammar Girl when I need to nail down tricky grammar details.

Melyssa Mercado said...

Thank you guys for all these AWESOME resource links!

...R.H. Roberts, email for you! (-: