Monday, May 2, 2016

Exclusive Cover Reveal: Siren Sisters

It's a very special day for Middle Grade Minded. I am beyond thrilled to host the cover reveal of the fabulous Dana Langer’s new middle grade novel Siren Sisters! 

Here’s the description that has me on the edge of my seat:

A twelve-year-old girl in present-day Maine dreads becoming a siren like her three older sisters until she witnesses their kidnapping and must use her powers to save them.

BRB just feeling the salty wind blow through my hair...

New England, ocean mythology, and sister relationships…I’m freaking out with anticipation. And now for the main event! Check out this powerfully evocative cover:

Here are few words about this stunning piece of art, from Dana herself:

Three years ago, I was teaching The Odyssey to a class that consisted solely of four girls (two of whom were twin sisters). As we read the section about sirens, I started imagining the story from their point of view; I saw this image of four sisters standing on a cliff in the rain with a horrible shipwreck below them. The rest of the story developed from that first image, so I was thrilled to see it used as the cover! SIREN SISTERS also features a mysterious twist, and the shadowy figures, stormy sea, and eerie green color palate capture that mood so well. In fact, the first time I saw the cover comp was the second time in this whole process (after getting an offer) that I started physically shaking. I just thought it was so beautiful and it made everything feel so real. Simon and Schuster did an incredible job, and I am very grateful. 

Dana Langer

OK, so as an unabashed fangirl of mysterious, small-town, New England Middle Grade (MSTNEMG...we're gonna make it a thing) January 2017 can not come fast enough. Thank you, Dana for sharing this amazing piece of art with us!


  1. Love that cover! And the book sounds so great. Can't wait to get my greedy-book-loving hands on it. :D

  2. So excited to read this and what a beautiful cover!