Friday, March 16, 2018


A Place for You by Tim Fox is an intelligent, folksy middle grade tale perfect for cat lovers as well as youth struggling to find their place in life. 

Brimming with practical, down-home wisdom that flows easily with the narrative, this story tugs at the heartstrings and prompts readers to contemplate weighty questions in a style well-suited to the middle grade audience.

The spunky main character, Tracy, loves to run. Fox captures the intense joy and sense of being alive that running gives Tracy. 

Her enthusiasm made me want to take to the trails myself, so I, too, could feel the freedom of wind rushing through my hair. What a wonderful image to impart to young readers in this day of videos games, computers, and social media: Move—you’ll love it.

Tracy’s compassion for a sick stray cat and her struggle to relate to her great aunt whom she has recently moved in with form the underpinnings of this coming-of-age story. She is haunted by the heartaches of her original family and trying to find a place that will really be a home to her, somewhere safe where she can flourish.

This story deals with issues of parent neglect and addiction, which may be difficult for many middle grade readers. However, those who face these issues themselves—and there are too many—will take courage in knowing they are not alone and that there are ways to find peace and to succeed despite serious life challenges. Good lessons for all of us.

In an interesting twist, the author takes us into the minds of a pet cat and a female cougar. 

The interplay between their perspectives and Tracy’s heightens the tension while deepening the meaning of the story. 

Based in part on true events, this tale of Tracy’s encounters with the mountain lion and her cubs will leave readers amazed and wishing for more.

A Place For You is available on Amazon.

Author Tim Fox lives in Wisconsin with his family and several rescued cats. He is also the author of Journeys: An Ice Age Adventure.

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