Thursday, February 15, 2018


Today we have a cover reveal for MAGICIANS OF ELEPHANT COUNTY!

About the book:
Magicians are never supposed to reveal their secrets. . . .

But if Duncan Reyes and Emma Gilbert want to avoid going from “people of interest” to “prime suspects” in the biggest disaster their small town has ever seen, they’ll have to break the Magician’s Code and explain their sides of the story to police.

It all started because these two friends dreamed of one day becoming as great as Harry Houdini or David Copperfield. When a confrontation with their school’s bully leads to Duncan and Emma coming face-to-face with the neighborhood witch, though, they are shocked to discover that real magic actually exists.

After accidentally stealing her wand and using it to create some unbelievable illusions, Duncan and Emma draw the attention of not only the witch but other foes who may be even far worse.

With the fate of their town in the balance, how are two amateur magicians going to have any hope of defeating the powerful dark forces that are after them? It might just take some sleight of hand, a bit of magic, and a little destruction of public property. (Allegedly.)

Read for yourself and find out, because seeing is believing . . . .

And now for the cover reveal

The Author's Comments on the Cover:
I have been a fan of illustrator John Hendrix (@hendrixart) for several years, so when I saw his name on a list of potentially cover illustrators, I was absolutely thrilled. He has an amazing eye for composition, color, and hand-drawn text. Because I handled the 32 full-page illustrations inside the book, it was important for us not to use elements that would conflict with my location or character designs. We decided to focus more on the title of the book, and sprinkle in some magical elements. Throughout the process of creating on the cover, John sent several ideas and sketches, and this version captured the mystery of the story (how creepy is that witch's hand?), and the stage magic that is referenced throughout. I couldn't be happier with the cover, and I hope readers are intrigued by the secrets that lurk in Elephant County.

Author Bio:

Adam Perry lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He has worked as an amateur magician, amusement park mascot, cartoonist, creative director, and now an author. When he isn’t writing, he loves practicing new illusions on his wife and two sons, who are rarely fooled. Visit him at

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  1. What a fun sounding read! I love anything to do with magic, both real and the art of illusion. Very unique plot.