Monday, June 26, 2017

Book Review and Giveaway: The Doodle Adventures by Mike Lowery!

There is something about an interactive book, isn't there?

When Workman Publishing asked if Middle Grade Minded would be interested in reviewing the Doodle Adventures books, we jumped in with both feet.

Actually, we could have jumped in with both pencils, or crayons, or markers, or... You get the picture!

Three pages in, I was hooked.

We, the readers, are corralled by an incorrigible and long-suffering duck, Carl, to help with an important mission - in this case, flying into space to retrieve a jar stolen by Captain Sleezog, Ruler of K-82, the planet of SLUGS.

Not only do we have to help retrieve the jar, we have to help by illustrating the book, too!

Hello? We get to doodle in the book? We get to draw all over it? Count me, and every other kid who picks up this book, in.

Add in a dash of wit, some laugh-out loud story-telling, and our chance to unleash our inner Leonard da Vinci (or Mike Lowery!), this book is FUN.

Lucky for us, there are two more books in the series:

The whole time I was reading this I was thinking: Man, I wish these books existed when I was a kid!

My second thought was: Man, I wish I had these books when I took my kids on long car trips!

These books are a great way to spark creativity, imagination, and will likely inspire many readers to write and illustrate their own books!

I guarantee these will be a hit with the kids in your life!

Want to learn more about the author? Visit

And guess what? You get a chance to win your very own set of the Doodle Adventures books.  All you have to do is leave a comment below, telling me that you want to win the books and what your favourite thing to doodle was as a kid (I could draw a mean cat!)  and you'll be entered in the contest!

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  1. I would love to win these books. I loved (and still do) to doodle palm trees, suns, and flowers when I was a kid.

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  3. (For some reason my google account had the wrong name attached to it through Blogger... I have no idea... Anyways I am reposting under my correct name. :)

    Holy cow! Where have these books been all our lives? What a good idea... I would have been (*am) all over this. I used to always doodle these little characters that were... pills. I swear, they were oval-shaped pills with various facial features and clothing. They lived in Pillville...Which, when view aerially(drew a map), was shaped like a...pill. I can't make this stuff up.

  4. I would love to win these for my son, I used to doodle a lot at school, little animals, moons, stars, sometimes just circles .x

  5. I'd love to win these for my daughter. When I was a kids I loved to draw animals and doodle mostly!

  6. My son would absolutely love this!

  7. I would love to win this for my daughter. This would be perfect. Thank you

  8. I loved drawing animals this would be for my kids

  9. I have 2 grandsons I love sending books to! We live far away and I feel like it gives them something to look forward to, and educates them too. My favorite thing to draw as a child was flowers, and rabbits.

  10. My son would love this book. I used to draw bunnies when I was a kid.

  11. I have grandsons who would probably enjoy these. I was ALWAYS drawing! Mostly animals. I became very good, over time,and would love to see the grand kids explore their talent, too.

  12. My grandkids would love this they are always drawing animals

  13. I would love to win these books for my daughter Breanna. She loves to draw and struggles at reading, but this would get her into it more. I loved drawing cats when I was younger.
    Virginia H

    1. Hi Virginia! I think this book would really support and promote reading in a fun way!

  14. My daughter would like these! I liked drawing flowers.

  15. Id love to win this for my son who has adhd and gets angry quick. I think this would help him settle down , focus and relieve some stress.

  16. I would love to win these books for my son who is 5. He is getting to where he's picking up on drawing and his imagination is going crZy. He would have a lot of fun with this.

  17. I have several grandchildren who would flip over these cute books. Thanks!'

  18. My 9 year old daughter would love these books and I loved to draw hearts when I was a kid.