Monday, December 26, 2016

Let's Celebrate The Season With A Holiday Writing Contest!

Contest Rules:

1. Write a 100-word story using the following words:
  • Santa
  • Reindeer
  • Elves
  • Candy Canes
  • Sugar Cookies

2. Post your story in the comments section OF THIS BLOG POST.

3. Include your email address in case you are the winner. (Email addresses and story titles do not count as part of your 100 words.)

4. Contest closes on January 2, 2017. The winner will receive a 5-page middle grade manuscript critique from me, Stefanie Wass, a three-time Pitch Wars mentor and member of the MG Beta Readers team.


  1. Title: Death Celebrates Christmas

    She has tried hosting in past years, but even upon mythological guests—bridge trolls, sirens, and disgruntled elves—she brings plague and pestilence. Candy canes crawl with maggots under their wrappers. Roast turkeys turn to ravens. Celebrants come down with reindeer pox or electrocute themselves on tree lights. So now, she spends the day alone. Leaves a note for Santa: No gifts please. Bakes to forget last night’s visitations (the blades tend to snap off the scythe-shaped sugar cookies, but they’re tradition). Lets her hood down. Warms her long fingers by the fire. Solitude: her annual penance for being herself.

    Author: meagan.k.boyd(at)gmail(dot)com

    1. I recently finished Neil Gaiman's GRAVEYARD BOOK. This reads like a continuation of it! NICE!!!

    2. Love the creepiness factor!!!!

  2. We’ve got no chimney, no stockings, and no tree. Still, I watch the dark sky for Santa and his reindeer to land on my roof. Surely, the elves slipped one gift into the sleigh for me.

    I forego brushing and pick bits of candy canes and sugar cookies--leftover school treats--out of my teeth and fall asleep knowing there’ll be nothing magical about my Christmas morning.

    But, I do the early-morning-sprint-downstairs anyway.

    Mom’s there sucking down her caffeine and I give a hopeful scan of the family room. She bursts my bubble in three words.

    “Honey, we’re Jewish.”

    1. I love the "early-morning-sprint-downstairs." That is totally a thing!

    2. The opening line is so sad... and by the end I actually snorted. Love reading your stuff, D!

  3. LOL, Dana!! Perfect set up for that unexpected (and hilarious) last line! (-:

  4. In one week we’d be toast.




    We couldn’t have just studied like everyone else.


    Weeee had to goof off in class and get stuck with a winter-break project—and an ultimatum:

    Ace our holiday assignment—or risk repeating the sixth grade.

    “What about a reindeer app?” I asked. “You know, like Santa or Dead yourself?

    “Been done, Johnny."

    “Well, what's your big idea, Ed? Candy Canes of Doom?”

    “Um... How about Girl Scout Zombie Elves?" Eddie perked up. "Yeah! They could turn all evil after eating sugar cookies or something.”

    We were so getting left back.

    (couldn't resist doing one for fun. (-:)

    1. I would totally read another story to find out more about the Girl Scout Zombie Elves! Having fun just picturing this.

    2. As a dad who has sold maaaany boxes of girl scout cookies- I would gladly go all Billy Madison and repeat every grade for the chance to replace selling cookies with zombie elves. (Although frozen Thin Mints are the truth!)

  5. line!!!!

  6. Title: Santa's Bet

    Smoke poured from the oven as Santa snatched the burnt sugar cookies with an ungloved hand.

    “CANDY CANES AND SILVER LANES!” he screamed and dropped the tray.

    Eavesdropping elves huddled outside the kitchen covered their ears.

    The phone rang and Santa rolled his eyes. “Yes, dear…”

    “This is so much fun!” sang Mrs. C. “The reindeer think we’re about 30 minutes ahead of your fastest time! HA!”

    “You know…” he grunted.

    But she cut him off. “Nope! A bet’s a bet!”

    Santa cringed as he heard her exclaim as she drove out of site, “Merry Chris-”

    And he hung up.


    1. Haha. I like the use of Candy Canes as a curse word!

  7. Haha! Go, Mrs. C!!

    This is awesome, Dave!