Friday, April 8, 2016

Why I Write Middle Grade

Why do I write middle grade? Oh, I can think of a few reasons… ;)

·        because I love to read middle grade books.

·        because I was a voracious reader when I was a MG-aged kid.

·        because I believe if kids love books at this age, it can change their lives.

·        because kids are awesome.

·        because Kate DiCamillo. (Need I say more?)

·        because it was an accident. (My MG novel, ROOT BEER CANDY AND OTHER MIRACLES, started out as YA; the story wasn’t working at all, until I realized my main character wasn’t seventeen…she was eleven. Oops.)

·        because accident or not, it was the most fun I’ve ever had writing.

·        and finally, because MG books help us all believe in magic … and if I can be a teeny tiny part of that magic for someone, I’m in. I’m so in.


  1. I love this Shari! Absolutely true! Let the magic and root beer candy live on!

  2. Awesome post, Shari! I'm so with you! Here's to magic! <3

    1. To magic! *clinks wands with you* :)

  3. Love this post, Shari! Books definitely change lives! :)