Monday, July 20, 2015

MG Minded Talks - Genre

Welcome to another installment of MG Minded Talks! We will ask each of the bloggers a series of questions and they will share their responses. This month we are talking about genre. Here's the questions:

1) What genre is your current WIP in?

2) Do you always write in this genre? If not what other genres have you written in?

3) What's your favorite genre to read?

1) MG fantasy

2) No I write MG/YA fantasy and sci fi (in various forms, superpowers, sci fi/thriller, space opera to name a few)

3) I read what I write, MG/YA fantasy and science fiction

1) YA contemporary

2) NOPE! I started out writing YA fantasy, but also have written some MG fantasy, historical, planning some possible steampunk. Some thriller. I write anything YA/MG.

3) actually, fantasy is usually my favorite. I do love some contemporary but fantasy was always my first love


1) The one i just finished: YA Contemporary. The one I'm getting ready to start: MG Contemporary

2) Generally, but my first manuscript was a MG fantasy.

3) I love reading contemporary and horror.

Tom T.

1) Current WIP is Adult...YES..that's adult black comedy...I am absolutely bonkers..

2) Nope, this is the first time I'm attempting it and it's an absolute headache. I normally only go for MG or YA Adventure as that's what I started with and feel most comfy writing.

3) Fav Genre? I really can't's all across the board. Lately it's been Fantasy / Sci-Fi.

Dan K.
1) Current WIP is MG Humorous

2) Yes

3) Adult Thriller

Tom M.
1) My current WIP is MG horror.

2) I'm pretty grounded in all things MG at this point, though what genre inside of that depends on which story wants to be told the most. My last MS was MG contemporary with a literary slant, my next one will be a MG satire.

3) As far as what I like to read: For fiction, it's less about the genre and more about the story and the writing. For nonfiction, I like reading biographies and oral histories.

1) Current manuscript is MG Superhero Adventure.

2) I've also written MG Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror and adult Fantasy and Horror. Basically, I'll write anything that includes adventure and an fantastic premise.

3) Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and the occasional psychological thriller.

How about you? What genre's do you typically enjoy reading/writing?

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  1. It seems most here write in different genres. Interesting and probably natural. I'd become stale if I stuck with only YA or MG. Mixing it up is challenging and stimulates ideas--at least for me. Great post.